Help people change faster by understanding the psychology of change and how to best message it. In this mini workshop by LifeLabs Learning, you'll learn hacks to help people accept change faster and become change agents. You will practice via a series of drills, learn from other leaders in similar positions, and leave with tips that will make a difference in your communication strategies.

Emotions Welcome Here

As leaders, we're all striving for employee engagement, but we often forget that engagement is fundamentally an emotional phenomenon. It’s time to stop pretending that emotions shouldn’t exist in the workplace. We’ll hear from seasoned leaders how to improve our emotional intelligence and awareness, identify triggers of negative emotions like fear and stress, use positive emotions to motivate our teams, and how to practice compassionate leadership.

Do the Right ThinG

It takes a strong leader to do the right thing, especially when it's hard. In this session, we'll discuss leaders' social responsibility, ethical-decision making and its effect on company culture, maintaining your integrity during down times, and how to align your individual values with that of the team and organization's.



CEO School

How to go from one-woman-show to CEO. The best CEOs are well-rounded, smart generalists, who understand each part of their business. In this session, business leaders with different specialities will sit down and share their must-know strategies for business expansion.

The Balancing Act

We sit down with some multi-hyphenate hustlers— women with multiple businesses or projects— and get their strategies for achieving balance and keeping sane. We’ll hear how they expanded their income streams and how they decide what to prioritize and what to sacrifice. We’ll also discuss the pressure to look perfect and appear like we “have it all”.


We chat with industry leaders about how they stay one step ahead of the competition. We discuss strategies for innovation, future-forward thinking, and maintaining originality in a sea of sameness.



Disrupting Bias & Amplifying Yourself

Professional women face obstacles and many of them can be linked to implicit bias. Bias is subtle, divisive, and pervasive. It clouds our interactions, and that of others, and allows for the creation of false narratives about women and their capabilities. This session will offer techniques to help disrupt the bias prototype so that you can advocate for your success and the success of others.

From Scrambling to Scaling

Successfully scaling an organization is among the most difficult entrepreneurial feats, and some paths are bumpier than others. So while there's no 'fool-proof shortcut,' leaders can learn how to navigate complexity or V.U.C.A. (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) more effectively. Scaling your org requires scaling yourself first!

finding CAREER fulfillmenT OUTSIDE OF WORK

Work. It’s what we spend the majority of our adult lives doing. We all want careers that are personally engaging and deeply meaningful, but most of us aren't there just yet. In this keynote, we'll hear from sought-after Creative Director and Seasoned Side-Hustler, Mara Lecocq, how we can find career fulfillment outside of our day jobs and leverage side hustles to level up our careers, and how it's never too late to find happiness at work (for Mara, it took her 14 years!).




Thinking about raising capital for your business? Curious about the pitch process? In this session, you’ll get to watch startups pitch their business idea to a panel of investors. You’ll hear valuable feedback and get tips from our panelists about how to get your foot in the door to start fundraising.


In this fun and interactive improv workshop, you’ll get firsthand experience on how to apply improv skills and principles to leadership communication. Brought to us by Finest City Improv.

Option 3: Believing is seeing

Learn how to improve your leadership ability by harnessing the power of mindfulness and visualization.