5 Must-Haves for An Office Worthy of World-Class Productivity & Collaboration


Beyond cultural changes and checklists, there are other simple ways to perk up your workplace from a physical standpoint. What better way to spruce up the comfort of everyday routine than with a nod from mindful attention to the vibe we cultivate for our employees? Creating a cozy and inviting physical office space not only makes your employees feel comfortable, but it shows a certain level of respect for their time and contributions they are providing to your company. Seems like a win-win, right? Here are 5 must-haves for an office space worthy of world-class productivity and collaboration:

#1 Clean, Organized and Attractive


Never underestimate a well-organized kitchen or communal area. Maybe this seems like common sense, but hear us out. You’d be surprised how easy it is to let this simple concept slip when the business needs demand our attention elsewhere. So do your office a favor and invest in daily upkeep. Supplies should be stocked and available at all times. Your coffee and snack service should maintain the kitchen area and tidy up throughout the day. Ensure that there are ample trash and recycling bins around the office (you shouldn’t have to walk more than 10 steps to spot a trash receptacle). If a space looks orderly, humans will naturally treat it with respect. Not to mention, it sends a better message to guests and candidates. Set an expectation of cleanliness and organization and you’ll see the domino effect across the whole office space that is clutter-free and ready for anything.

#2 Be Mindful of Light and Temperature


The more natural light the better. This isn’t be breaking news, but humans work well with sunrays and fresh air. If your office doesn’t have the luxury of bright windows, deeply consider the lighting in the office. White light and fresh walls do aesthetic wonders on the eyes and mind. The temperature should be comfortable and lean more towards cold than warm. Yes, it is expensive to cool an office space, but employees are happier when they are comfortable. Think about it this way: If you have to think about the temperature of the office, then it’s not regulated properly.

#3 Play with Color


According to psychologists, a well-placed splash of color in your decor will go a long way. White is definitely one of our favorites for an overall feeling of freshness and it is associated with cleanliness, safety and positivity. Consider the vibe you want to attract by adding mindful color associations:

  • Red. Associated with power; connotes strength, warmth, energy and stimulation.
  • Blue. Associated with intellect; connotes communication, trust, efficiency and serenity.
  • Yellow. Associated with emotion; connotes optimism, confidence, extroversion and creativity.
  • Green. Associated with balance; connotes harmony, balance, rest and peace.

#4 Bring the Outdoors Indoors


Outside of the obvious air-quality benefits of having a leafy green buddy in your conference rooms, studies have found that the presence of indoor plants in the office increases attention span and has a calming effect on the mind. Plus, they are the perfect way to add a touch of easy and natural beauty to any space. Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb; there are corporate office services that take care of your indoor plants on a weekly basis so you can reap all the benefits of live plants and greenery without the know-how or added fuss.

#5 Let People be Themselves


Encourage your employees to add a touch of individuality to their space. “Nesting” is part of the human mind’s way of getting comfy, so allow your employees to decorate their desk, adopt a conference room, or maybe set up a culture wall that rotates teams on a quarterly basis. Creating a sense of ownership for the space cultivates an environment of responsibility and an “I belong here” vibe.

How do you cultivate productivity and collaboration in your workplace?