Do Back-to-Back Meetings Better


Too often we find our calendars resembling an equally as colorful and intense game of Tetris. Yikes. With so many decisions and projects to discuss with various parts of your organization on any given day, our hearts and attention turn to the CEO and leader readers of this post. The reality of back-to-back meetings cannot be avoided, but what we can do is improve the experience.

A walking meeting is defined exactly as it sounds. It occurs outside the typical conference room, office, or coffee shop, and involves walking and talking through your agenda.

Recent research shows that the act of walking undoubtedly leads to increases in creative and free thinking. Not only does this make meetings more enjoyable and useful, but plenty of anecdotal evidence also hints that walking meetings lead to more honest and down-to-earth conversations with employees and are much more productive than the traditional sit-down-around-a-table approach. Without the distractions of desktop notifications, incoming emails and flashing screens, employees are able to get to the root of the agenda more freely and without obstacles.


Another study found that if there’s one thing that can help get your mind back into gear, it is exposing it to restorative environments, meaning - you guessed it - the great outdoors. Strolling around the office campus or walking down and back to the juice shop not only gets the blood flowing, but the fresh air is rejuvenating and boosts energy, meaning more clarity for the topics at hand.

Lastly, walking meetings are an excellent approach to 1-on-1’s with your employees. The intimate and focused setting of an in-office discussion can be daunting especially when discussing results or performance. Taking the meeting outside sets an environment and equality and creates a safe space and energized space for feedback to flow.

Our advice? Keep a pair of comfy shoes at your desk, kick off those heels, and walk your way to breakthroughs and strategies in a whole new way.

Check out some of our favorite walking meeting-friendly shoes below!