Your Go-to-Guide for Creating an Awe-Inspiring Vision Statement


So what exactly is a company vision statement? What is it for? What does it do? What is it supposed to sound like? People talk about it like it’s this magical thing that will empower you to run your business and get more customers, but how are you supposed to go from blank Google Doc to inspirational masterpiece?

We’ve got you covered. A vision statement needs to be practical and realistic, while at the same time, futuristic, forward-thinking, compelling, clearly communicable, and steeped in value and philosophy. Sounds super easy, right? Not really. That’s why we’ve created this step-by-step guide to help you create the magically articulate vision statement of your dreams.

Real quick, we have to touch on what a vision statement is not.

  • A vision statement is not production related goals or key performance indicators (KPI’s). Scratch anything that sounds like: “We aspire to increase our client portfolio by 50% year over year,”  or “We aspire to cut our turn times down from 30 days to 15 days.”

  • A vision statement is not an idyllic, vague, or impractical statement that’s not directly tied to your company and what it does. Scratch anything that sounds like: “We want to change the world. We dare to dream. We want women everywhere to wear our products.”

With that in mind, you can follow these 6 Steps to create the perfect vision statement for your business.

Step #1: Establish your company’s purpose, as if it were a person.

  1. What character traits describe her? If you could liken her to a person (i.e. influencer, celebrity, fictional character) who would she be?

  2. What does she stand for?

  3. What does she exist to accomplish in the world?

  4. What drives her?

  5. Why do people want to hang out with her?

Step #2: Establish how she serves her clients/customers better than anyone else.

  1. What does she do for her clients/customers?

  2. What needs does she meet?

  3. What makes her special or unique compared to others out there?

  4. Who is she to her stakeholders (employees, investors, community)?

Step #3: Decide where she is going.

  1. What change does she want to see in the world?

  2. How is she driving that change?

  3. Where is she going next?

  4. Who and where does she want to be 5 years from now? 10 years from now?   

Step #4: Spend some time mulling over all your answers. Refine and reiterate until you’re completely inspired by the answers that are in front of you.

Step #5: String your answers together into paragraph form to create your Vision Statement. If necessary, add more explanation or examples. Edit out answers that you don’t feel serve a purpose. Refine and reiterate until you are satisfied with the Vision Statement.

Step #6: Review your Vision Statement to make sure it meets the following criteria:

  • It establishes purpose.

  • It provides direction.

  • It answers who the company is, what it stands for, and what it exists to accomplish.

  • It inspires others to share and follow your vision.

  • It promotes collaboration and innovation.

  • It resonates strongly with your target audience’s desired impact on the world.

  • It passes the “Paycheck Test,” meaning it inspires and engages your employees to work hard for something greater than just receiving a paycheck.

  • You can create annual and quarterly objectives that support and further the vision.

  • You can name 3-5 behaviors within the company that align perfectly with the Vision Statement.

  • You (as the Founder/CEO) can name 3-5 behaviors you embody that directly align with the Vision Statement.

  • You’ve run your Vision Statement by a mentor, colleagues, or your employees to get a fresh perspective and they agree it meets the above criteria.     

Congrats! If your vision statement checks off all the boxes above, you are a Founder/CEO extraordinaire and visionary genius of your time! Revisit your vision often, and iterate it as your company grows. Display it front and center so it’s visible and constantly on the forefront of your mind and your employees’. Let it trickle down throughout all areas of your business, and make sure it remains the guiding light for everything you do.    

To download a free copy of the Awe-Inspiring Vision Statement Guide, click here. For more on creating a compelling vision statement, reach out to our team at