"Success" is a Proactive Mindset

Photo by @heydavina

Photo by @heydavina

When it comes to organizational psychology, it isn’t uncommon to hear that entrepreneurial success can be attributed to certain personality traits. Maybe you’ve heard of the ‘Big 5’ personality traits that are studied in collaborative situations, like the workplace, to determine what strong personality traits can add to a group dynamic, or - you guessed it - determine your chance at success in your business relations and leadership skills. If you need a refresher on the Big 5, here’s a quick crash course courtesy of The Gritty Movement:

  1. Openness to Experience: This describes a person's degree of intellectual curiosity, creativity, and preference for novelty and variety.
  2. Conscientiousness: This describes a tendency to show self-discipline, act dutifully, and aim for achievement.
  3. Extraversion: This describes energy, positive emotions, assertiveness, sociability, talkativeness, and the tendency to seek stimulation in the company of others.
  4. Agreeableness: This is the tendency to be compassionate and cooperative towards others rather than suspicious and antagonistic.
  5. Neuroticism: A.k.a. Emotional Stability-- this describes vulnerability to unpleasant emotions like anger, anxiety, depression, or vulnerability.


Knowing your your strengths and weaknesses in your personality as it pertains to others around you is the foundation of potential growth and self-betterment, and we wanted to call attention to a very specific trait that has been proven to yield superwoman-like effects on entrepreneurial efforts when combined with a balanced grasp of the Big 5: A proactive mindset.

What does proactive mindset look like on a boss lady like yourself? Glad you asked.  A proactive mindset acts in advance of future situations. Rather than reacting to situations that arise, she anticipates the oncoming with confidence and strategy.

Consider the attributes of the Proactive Leader - best paired with your morning latte:

  1. Action-Bias:  She has an innate ability to make decisions quickly and to act upon them with poise. Bias for action is one of the key factors differentiating successful CEOs and companies from the unsuccessful.

  2. Face the problem: She has an ability to stand up and hold her ground when problems arise. As soon as you feel the impulse to start turning away from problems rather than rolling up your sleeves, you can guarantee that all your hard work and building will slowly start to crumble.

  3. Own up: She has the ability to take personal responsibility for her company and decisions, for better or worse. Not only is humble pie the special of the day, but it is absolutely the kind of sparkle that creates Followers and Faithfuls.

  4. Embrace Change: She knows that just because a certain model or procedure worked in Year 1, doesn’t mean it will still be the best way to conquer it in Year 3 or 4. Welcoming change like we embrace the inevitable changing of seasons creates the buoyancy that successful companies enjoy.

  5. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Her perseverance is unwavering and knows no end. The Proactive Leader pushes through and digs deep until they’ve reached the top because she knows that if she doesn’t push for her vision, who will?


How proactive you are absolutely determines how successful you will be. Heads high and hearts open, take responsibility and action in your every move and you will be grateful you did.


Author: Jessica Miranda, Sr. Leadership + HR Strategist