Mental Health Day: It’s not a Suggestion


Do you ever just wake up and go “nope,” roll over, hit snooze and deathgrip those 9 minutes with your pillow like your life depended on it?

Don’t worry. We do, too. And before you let the Tuesday Blues get the best of you, know that it is perfectly normal to run out of fuel, and feel as though we have little to give into our work and even the sparkling visions that we all have in common in this beautiful grind.

Work can give us purpose and motivation in life. But for many Executives and boss ladies of our time, work can also become a highly stressful environment if we are not careful. High stress and low spirits is the perfect recipe for damaging your mental health.

Food for thought from the American Psychological Association:

  • The leading generation of stress in the American workplace is the Millennial.

  • Burnout is largely driven by the always-on digital workplace.

  • The most prevalent symptoms of stress and burnout in American adults manifest in unhealthy behaviors such as irritability and anger, anxiousness, depression, and incessant worrying.

Not a good look.


There are many physical things contributing to mental health (or lack thereof):

  • Sleep: 7 hours vs. mindless midnight Instagram scrolling

  • Eating habits: Kale salad vs. Taco Tuesday

  • Exercise: Catching that 6am pilates class vs. Does walking to my car count?

  • You get the idea…


But outside of the basics of everyday life, we want to remind you that having time to yourself to do exactly what your soul craves is absolutely invaluable in our book. I present to you: The Mental Health Day.

Maybe you don’t have to shell out the time and money for an elaborate vacation (not that we are against mojitos on the beach), but taking a day off from your normal routine to focus on Numero Uno is just what the doctor ordered. Schedule a pedi and finish that book left unread from last month. Get in the kitchen and whip up something new and delicious to indulge your senses, compliments of you. Go for a drive and find a peaceful spot for a guided meditation podcast. Whatever it is that ignites your soul, do exactly that. Our only rule is that this day (or two) should not follow the path of your normal routine, but rather try to hone in on using the other parts of your brain that aren’t all things business and strategy and focus on relaxation. Another benefit of taking care of your mental health is that it directly affects those you work with on a daily basis. When you are mentally healthy, you are more bright and pleasant, you make better decisions, and we guarantee that sense of humor will be on point. Who wouldn’t want to be around and embody the mentally healthy version of you?


The bottom line? Hitting the refresh button on your routine will do wonders for your focus, your drive, and ultimately your company. 


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Jessica Miranda, an Organizational Development Psychologist, has 8 years of leadership and coaching experience in the corporate and tech startup spaces in Silicon Valley and greater Los Angeles areas, as well as active military enlistment. She completed graduate schooling at the University of Southern California and specializes in employee engagement and cultural development with an emphasis on Millennials and following generations in the workplace. IG: @_jmiraaaa