Leadership Resolutions for 2018


Whether you’re a resolutions type of person or not, we can all make use of some recalibration with the new year coming in hot.  Here are the newest Gritty commitments coming to you live in 2018.

#1 Be the role model of desirable behaviors.

The reality of being a leader is you are being watched. Your employees are paying close attention to your behaviors to determine what is acceptable and what is not within your company. Employees will do as you do. From being late to meetings to not being present in conversation, they will rearrange their workplace standards to the bar you set. It is your job to make sure your behaviors are worth imitating.

#2 Manage your own energy levels.

Just like our emotions and moods, our energy levels are contagious. This year, do your best to cultivate the most efficient and healthy habits to increase your energy when you need it most at work. Sleep, eat, and move your body well and with intention every day. Your productivity and direct reports will thank you.

#3 Demonstrate empathy this year.

Organizational improvement falls on the shoulders of leadership. Effective leadership efforts will fall flat if the humans you lead do not truly believe that you care. Be mindful of others. Show concern. Be present. You’ll begin to notice how others start to interact with you on a more authentic level.

#4 Stop multitasking when engaging with another person.

We get it: We are all great multitaskers with endless technology and tools at our fingertips. Yet doing this at the same when real humans are involved has the effect of leaving them feeling they are less important or unworthy of your time. When engaging with other people face to face, don’t email, text, or pay attention to someone or something else. Make eye contact. Close your laptop. Give your undivided attention.

#5 Strive For Balance.  

Pledge balance to yourself this year. We are all busy and ferociously moving about in our lives and work, but dedicate yourself to managing your time better. Carve out non-negotiable segments of your day for mind & body activities that rejuvenate you. Commitment to self-care allows you to create space for those new innovations and idea sparks for your business.


New year. New you. What are you committing to in 2018?



Jessica Miranda, an Organizational Development Psychologist, has 8 years of leadership and coaching experience in the corporate and tech start up spaces in Silicon Valley and greater Los Angeles areas, as well as active military enlistment. She completed graduate schooling at the University of Southern California and specializes in employee engagement and cultural development with an emphasis on Millennials and following generations in the workplace.