Gritty Engagement Hack (Part II)


As a leader, it is up to you to develop your employees. As we’ve mentioned before, the psychological contract between the employer and employee should be the focus of your engagement efforts within your company. So what does ‘development’ mean exactly? Training and growth opportunities for each employee in relation to the business should be available and offered, of course, but we are also talking about developing your employees’ professionally in order to make them more marketable human beings, in both industry and their career.


“But wait! Won’t helping them improve their skills and marketability make them look for jobs elsewhere?!”


We don’t think so. On the contrary, we think that it does the opposite. Being available and open to grow your team on an individual level so that they can develop and prepare themselves for what their career journey has in store for them is one of the best things you can do for the psychological contract that exists between you.



Perhaps ask your intern when was the last time she updated her resume? When was the last time they thought about their retirement plans? Have they ever had interview training?



Set up a lunch workshop for resume writing or interview skills. Have the 401k benefit representative come into the office for a day and help employees think about their financial future.  Map out the skills and concepts they would need to develop in order to take your job. Set up a mock interview day for their dream job interview. Send them to a networking event for like-minded professionals in the industry so they can socialize and feed their curiosity.



Supporting your employees in their development, no matter where they are in life solidifies the notion that you are invested in their life without personal gain (i.e. making more money for your business). Making your employees more marketable human beings will foster an environment of support and learning, strengthening the psychological contract between you and your employees.


All of this leads to a mindset of loyalty, efficiency and higher productivity because we are all working together to mutually benefit one another. Happier and prepared employees are focused and ready to put their best work out on the table. Sounds like a win-win to us!


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Author: Jessica Miranda, Sr. Leadership + HR Strategist for THE GRITTY MOVEMENT