Ways for Your Team to Give Back


The holiday season isn't just about shiny new toys and fancy holiday parties. This time of year presents the perfect opportunity to reach out to those in need by giving back to your community, while also connecting and creating great memories with the people that you spend most of your waking hours with. No matter what kind of cause your company wants to get involved in, there isn’t a better feeling that bonding with co-workers while doing good in the community together. Check out our giving-back guide below for some great ideas on how to give back before 2017 closes.

  1. Organize a donation drive that's relevant to your industry: Canned goods, toiletries, books, clothing - you name it. There is a donation drive for anything you can think of, and most organizations will supply the donation supplies and boxes for you to set up in the office. Some of them even arrange for a pick up after you’ve collected all the goods!

  2. Volunteer at a charity soup kitchen: Check out charities in your local area that facilitate group volunteering service. You and your team can get together at the designated time you sign up for and help out the needy community by serving brown bag lunches or home cooked meals for a couple hours.

  3. Host a free Interview Workshop for students: With all the schools on holiday break, why not give back to our young and developing generations? Host a workshop that teaches high school and college students how to interview, give a presentation, or create a resume. Most schools and public libraries are more than happy to hang flyers and posters on their community board for free developmental and educational resources in the local area.

  4. Find an environmental restoration project: Why not look for a local chapter of an organization that focuses on caring for trees, maintaining parks/beaches & planting new life in your company’s neighborhood. Perhaps there is a community garden space that the company can adopt or volunteer at. Working together with your team to beautify the neighborhood we inhabit on a day to day basis increases ownership and investment in your local community.

What other ways do you and your team give back during the holiday season? 


Jessica Miranda, an Organizational Development Psychologist, has 8 years of leadership and coaching experience in the corporate and tech start up spaces in Silicon Valley and greater Los Angeles areas, as well as active military enlistment. She completed graduate schooling at the University of Southern California and specializes in employee engagement and cultural development with an emphasis on Millennials and following generations in the workplace.