Get Your Company to Sponsor Your Gritty Leadership Conference Ticket


According to the US Conference Board, only 47.7% of Americans are actually satisfied with their jobs. We’re bored! We’re stressed! We’re frustrated with lack of advancement! What’s most interesting to us is that this lack of engagement can also be caused by a lack of resources in learning and development within your company.

So if it’s professional development we’re looking for, what better way to learn about the hottest things buzzing in the industry and connecting with others in your field than attending a conference? And for modern, flourishing leaders like yourself, what better conference to check out than Gritty Leadership 2019, where you can energize your passions, enhance your management skills, and collaborate with the best and brightest minds of our business community? June 14th will be an exhilarating day filled with workshops, panels, keynotes, and compelling conversations all designed to help you along in your leadership journey. Between sessions, you can browse the Pop-Up, enjoy delicious food + drinks, check out our Pitch Competition finalists, and so much more.

So, the question is, how can you get your company to sponsor your ticket to Gritty Leadership you ask? Well, the concept is pretty simple, but it’s up to you to take the initiative and present the best possible value to your boss on why attending the Gritty Leadership conference will benefit both you and the company. Here are a few things to consider when setting up your conference ticket pitch.

  1. Consider your boss’s point of view.

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Any salesperson is told to understand their target audience. They have to understand their needs and wants before they begin trying to sell to them. The same principles apply to going to a conference. Try to think about what your boss would want of this investment. Consider this - If you were the leader of your company and you had the option to send a worker to a conference, what would you want them to come back with?

Here are the key themes of Gritty Leadership 2019 that your boss should absolutely find value investing in:

  • Compassionate Leadership

  • Strategic Growth

  • People Management

  • Company Culture

2. Outline your top three reasons for attending.

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Here are some good options that you may want to give your boss, but make sure you familiarize yourself with the speakers and agenda and that the top three reasons you pitch to your boss are true to yourself and what you feel you will receive from full a day of Gritty Leadership:

  • “The skills I can take away from Gritty Leadership will help me support you in X, Y, and Z.”

  • “I believe Gritty Leadership will provide me with lots of new concepts to push forward in our workplace.”

  • “With over 350 attendees from the industry this year,  mostly modern career women, female executives and small business owners, the marketing and talent acquisition potential for our company is huge.”

3. Prove you're not wasting the company’s time and money


Write a letter or email requesting approval to join the conference. You’ll need to provide ample justification for the costs involved. Nothing brings more hesitation to a boss’s mind about sending you to a conference than the thought of you hanging out all day and not actually learning something you can immediately apply to your day to day responsibilities.

Beyond demonstrating the benefits your organization can expect to gain from participating in the conference, you should also actively work towards meeting any promised ROI.

Here are some ways to demonstrate conference ROI:

  • Leads generated from networking / discussions.

  • Improved performance on a particular metric in your department goals

  • Improved operational efficiencies via newly learned, well-designed methodology, or a new skill that lets you do your job faster or better.

When it comes down to it, Gritty Leadership is about tactical, relevant and exciting developments in leadership skills and industry best practices. If you can get your boss to understand exactly how well-known challenges at your organization can be addressed by a solution, practice, or idea slated to be explored in the conference, you’ll have the best chance in getting them to approve your attendance on the company’s dime. Can’t wait to see you there!