Our Mission

Gritty Movement is on a mission to advance modern, female leaders and equip them to lead confidently. By elevating diverse voices, we empower self-identified women to lead in their own way and change the perception of what “brilliant leadership” looks like. As the proud host of the annual Gritty Leadership Conference, we connect leaders from the corporate and entrepreneurial spaces in real life, and create a broader network for support and collective learning.


Gritty Team

Sarah Panis,  VP of Business Development, Vidaloop, San Diego (left) and Jessica Miranda, Global Head of People Operations, Jumpshot, San Francisco (right).

Sarah Panis, VP of Business Development, Vidaloop, San Diego (left) and Jessica Miranda, Global Head of People Operations, Jumpshot, San Francisco (right).

The two women behind Gritty Movement are Sarah Panis + Jessica Miranda. They were childhood friends who grew through their educational and professional journeys to share a passion for workplace efficiency, gender equality, personal development, and organizational strategy based on real data and psychological studies. Nothing seemed more natural than teaming up on this powerful vision and boom! The Gritty Movement was born.

Today, they are modern, motivated women who have quickly risen to top executive leadership positions in male-dominated industries. Their joint calling to bolster women in not only leading, but leading well in a world where there is still such limited space for our voice, is what makes Gritty Movement the powerful beacon it is today.


Work With Us

  • Custom workshops and training sessions for your next retreat, lunch & learn, or professional development initiative. Popular topics include: modern leadership, gender equality at work, self-advocation for women in the workplace, side hustling, and more.

  • Speaking engagements. The Gritty Team has spoken on dozens of conference stages, panels, and podcasts on the following topics: leading with compassion, modern female leadership, women in male-dominated industries, standing out in a sea of sameness, purpose-driven business, finding your guiding values, female entrepreneurship, and more.

  • Event partnership. We have a rich network of speakers and sponsors, and are always looking to team up with leading organizations to create meaningful educational or networking events.

  • Become a blog contributor. We’re always looking to amplify a diverse array of voices. We aim to broadcast not only the experiences of female leaders, but any modern leader regardless of gender/orientation, striving to create a more inclusive and equitable world for women and underrepresented groups across all industries.



At Gritty Movement, we are committed to mentoring and supporting the next generation of female leaders. We proudly partner with Girls Rising San Diego, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, to empower at-risk girls to recognize their value and pursue higher goals through a community of women mentors.