Our Mission

It is our mission to help leaders and entrepreneurs scale their businesses through winning cultures and effective leadership development. We believe brilliant leadership takes steadfast vision, meaningful purpose, thoughtful strategy, and taking bold action. 

We enhance a business's impact by maximizing its greatest resource, its people. We're culture experts who work alongside leaders to implement the operational structure, systems, and policies to drive long-term success. Through our approach of business partnership, we guarantee that through working with us, leaders and employees will feel the positive shift in culture, communication, productivity, and performance.

As a female-led company, we are dedicated to uplifting other female founders and supporting their efforts to lead in a way that is as revolutionarily different as the companies they’re running.


Gritty Team

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Sarah Panis, Founder

Sarah developed her passion for all-things-leadership while she served as the Chief Operating Officer for a startup that she helped grow to over $15 million in annual revenue, 200+ employees, and operations across the U.S. She personally understands the exponential effect that good leadership can have on a company's ability to execute its business expansion goals. Sarah specializes in operations strategy, leading diverse teams, and training new managers to achieve their maximum leadership potential. 


Jess Miranda, Organizational Psychologist

Jess is an Organizational Development Psychologist with a masters from USC, and has leadership and coaching experience in the corporate and tech startup spaces. Her special powers are revolutionizing workplaces, boosting employee engagement, and building strong company cultures. 




At Gritty Movement, we are committed to mentoring and supporting the next generation of female leaders. We proudly partner with Girls Rising San Diego, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, to empower at-risk girls to recognize their value and pursue higher goals through a community of women mentors.